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-a loan with bad credit <a href="https://​">payday loans bad credit</aloans <a href=>bad credit short term loans</a+====== C. VON BOENNINGHAUSEN.======  
 +{{anchor:s2}}WE are happy to be able to inform our readers that the Editors of the Review have received a communication from this distinguished Homoeopath{{anchor:​s3}}Ever anxious for the progress of our school, he took time from among his many duties to send across the Atlantic his promises of interest and co operation in our undertaking. {{anchor:​s4}}He has recently published an article, in the "<span grade2>Allgemeine Homoeopatische Zeitung</span>" on <span grade2>​Tabes Dorsalis,</span> which, when given to our readers in the translation now preparing, will be sure to start new trains of thought in regard to the <span grade2>​long<​/spanaction of <span grade2>​single</spandoses of the <span grade2>​highest</​span>​ potencies. 
 +{{anchor:​s5}}The reputation of Dr. B. at this moment is as enviable as that of any physician in Europe. {{anchor:​s6}}It is well understood that his cases are studied with the greatest pains and his remedies administered with the nicest accuracy. {{anchor:​s7}}He always uses the very highest potencies-seldom or never going below the 200th; and his success sometimes approaches the marvelous. {{anchor:​s8}}Dr. B. is somewhat of an enthusiast, and is one with reason. {{anchor:​s9}}Such splendid successes justify almost any extravagance. {{anchor:​s10}}The most perfect confidence may be placed in his statements, and he is at present considered as occupying the first place in the ranks of the pure Hahnemann school. {{anchor:​s11}}We hope to be able to give a short biographical sketch of this illustrious gentleman in one of the next numbers. 
 +====== DOCUMENT DESCRIPTOR ====== 
 +^ Source: | The AMERICAN HOMOEOPATHIC REVIEW Vol. 01 No. 01, 1858, page 33 | 
 +^ Description:​ | Communication from C. von Boenninghausen. | 
 +^ Author: | AHomeo01 | 
 +^ Year: | 1858 | 
 +^ Editing: | errors only; interlinks; formatting | 
 +^ Attribution:​ | Legatum Homeopathicum |
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