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 +====== CASE OF TRISMUS.====== ​
 +{{anchor:​s2}}BY D. SPRINGSTEED,​ M. D., ALBANY, N. Y.
 +{{anchor:​s3}}Oct. 21st. '59. {{anchor:​s4}}— Montgomery, aged 51 years, fell and hurt the great toe of his left foot and bruised his right side. {{anchor:​s5}}When picked up he pointed to his mouth, and upon examination it was found he could not open it — I saw him about 11 A. M., a short time after the accident. {{anchor:​s6}}Pulse 45, weak and tremulous. {{anchor:​s7}}Body very cold, slight twitching of the whole system. {{anchor:​s8}}I opened his lips and to my agreeable surprise found he had lost a front tooth which enabled me to give medicine without any difficulty.
 +{{anchor:​s9}}TREATMENT. {{anchor:​s10}}— I gave 5 drops 3 dil. of Arn. As there was no convenience for putting him in a warm bath, I had his foot immersed in water, as hot as he could bear, for a few minutes, then rubbed dry, and put him in bed, ordered hot dry applications to his extremities and had him well covered. {{anchor:​s11}}Gave him another dose of Arn. and ordered two more to be given at intervals of ten minutes, and left him for half an hour. {{anchor:​s12}}On my return found that he had not improved — the only visible change I discovered was that his face was somewhat flushed; had his side and foot washed with a weak tincture of Arn., and directed one drop doses (mother tincture) of Arn. and Bell, to be given in alternation every half hour, until I should see him again.
 +{{anchor:​s13}}Three o'​clock P. M. — He had been asleep for half an hour and perspired very freely. {{anchor:​s14}}Pulse 60 and pretty full; face very much flushed — I enquired if he had any pain in his side or foot, he answered "​No,"​ by shaking his head. {{anchor:​s15}}I then asked if he had pain any where and he pointed to his jaw. {{anchor:​s16}}I ordered a portion of the clothing removed and the medicine alternated every hour, told the family I would see him in the evening and left. {{anchor:​s17}}About 6 P. M., one of his attendants called at my office and said: "​Doctor,​ I have good news for you, your patient can talk," He remarked further that a few minutes before he left, the patient raised up and said that there was a gurgling in his throat, that he slapped his hands very hard several times, and exclaimed "Thank God! Thank God!"
 +{{anchor:​s18}}The disease having yielded I discontinued the medicine, and ordered him to have some light nourishment. {{anchor:​s19}}I called next morning to ascertain what his sensations were during the attack, he informed me that he felt a very sharp pain in his toe for an instant, and knew but little more until I saw him at 3 o'​clock,​ when he became conscious of his situation and feared he would starve to death.
 +^ Source: | The AMERICAN HOMOEOPATHIC REVIEW Vol. 02 No. 02, 1859, pages 86-87 |
 +^ Description:​ | Case of trismus. |
 +^ Remedies: | Arnica montana, Belladonna |
 +^ Author: | Springsteed,​ D. |
 +^ Year: | 1859 |
 +^ Editing: | errors only; interlinks; formatting |
 +^ Attribution:​ | Legatum Homeopathicum |
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