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 +====== MINUTE DOSES.====== ​
 +{{anchor:​s2}}BY DR. NEVILLE WOOD.{{anchor:​s3}}%%*[%%<​span grade2>​Monthly Homeopathic Review.</​span>​ {{anchor:​s4}}London,​. 12, 6, 728.]
 +{{anchor:​s5}}An American lady, of middle age and of a sensitive temperament,​ was seized with dysentery. {{anchor:​s6}}She had suffered several times with the same disorder in New York and had always been under homoeopathic treatment in cases of illness. {{anchor:​s7}}Merc. corr. was now prescribed, in solution, a teaspoonful immediately after each movement of the bowels. {{anchor:​s8}}At the end of five days the complaint was cured. {{anchor:​s9}}The same remedy was now given twice a day, for two days longer; but no sooner had the bowels resumed their natural action, than a strong ptyalism set in and lasted several hours. {{anchor:​s10}}No antidote was required, as the symptom had ceased before I was informed of its existence. {{anchor:​s11}}It was now elicited that the New York physician used low attenuations of tinctures and triturations,​ and that various homoeopathic preparations of Mercury had before induced a much more marked and obstinate salivation.
 +{{anchor:​s12}}It is remarkable that in this, as in the previous case, the ill effects of the remedy arose only when the curative action had ceased. {{anchor:​s13}}Indeed had it been otherwise, the excessive flow of saliva and the concomitant symptoms, might fairly have been considered as symptoms of the disorder. {{anchor:​s14}}Had the Mercurius been discontinued immediately on the cessation of the disorder, the inconvenience might have been averted.
 +^ Source: | The American Homoeopathic Review Vol. 04 No. 01, 1863, page 37 |
 +^ Description:​ | Minute Doses. |
 +^ Author: | Wood, N. |
 +^ Year: | 1863 |
 +^ Editing: | errors only; interlinks; formatting |
 +^ Attribution:​ | Legatum Homeopathicum |
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