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 +====== NUX VOMICA ======
 +^ Standard name | Nux vomica |
 +^ Other names | |
 +^ Standard abbr. | Nux-v. |
 +^ Other abbr. | |
 +^ Scientific name | //Strychnos nux-vomica//​ L. |
 +^ Other scientific names | //Strychnos spireana// Dop |
 +^ Common names | strychnine tree; nux vomica; poison nut; semen strychnos; quaker buttons |
 +^ Substance description | Hahnemann: "Ten grains of nux vomica seed, finely triturated in a warm mortar, are macerated with 1000 drops of alcohol, without heat for a week, to make a tincture. Of this one drop is raised to the decillionfold potency through 29 other diluting phials, each filled to three quarters with alcohol, by mens of two succussions given to each phial after the dilution is made. The same medicine is prepared in a simpler and almost more powerful and uniform manner, by taking one grain of the powdered nux vomica seed, and treating it like, other dry medicinal substances, by triturating it thrice with 100 grains of milk-sugar (according to the directions for the Homeopathic preparation of medicines in the second part of the book on Chronic Diseases) up to the millionfold powder attenuation."​ |
 +^ Distinctness | DISTINCT |
 +^ Classification | Organism -- Plantae -- Magnoliophyta -- Magnoliopsida -- Gentianales -- Loganiaceae -- Strychnos |
 +===== Provings =====
 +===== Materia medica =====
 +[[en:​mm:​hering:​nux-vomica-r7|Hering,​ C: The Guiding Symptoms of Our Materia Medica]] \\
 +===== Notes =====
 +All standard homeopathic remedy names are listed in the [[en:​rem:​start|Official Remedy Name List]]. ​
 +[[en:​rem:​extended|Extended Remedy Name List]] includes all known naming variations (homeopathic names only).
 +The [[en:​rem:​complete|Complete Remedy Name List]] includes all homeopathic names and all common names. This page is a part of ongoing [[en:​homeorem|Project Remedies]].
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