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Legatum Homeopathicum in English

We provide various resources for homeopaths and develop projects for the advancement of homeopathy. Use the navigation links on the left or the image links below to navigate to major areas of the web site.

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What's hot

Project Remedies is now in a tentative launch phase.

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To be informed about all activities and updates related to Legatum Homeopathicum, you can follow us on Twitter (@LegatumHomeo).

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Use the form below to freely subscribe to (or unsubscribe from) our mailing list that will keep you informed about latest Legatum Homeopathicum activities (read the latest issue here.), progress of our projects, important homeopathic events, interesting homeopathic articles, provings, additions to homeopathic corpora on our web site etc. Estimated frequency of mailings is biweekly. All mailing list subscribers are entitled to download and use Mercurius homeopathic software, Basic Edition, for free.

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