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 +====== MISCELLANEOUS.====== ​
 +{{anchor:​s2}}HOMOEOPATHIC LITERATURE. {{anchor:​s3}}— We have intended for some time to publish monthly a brief resume of the contents of the homoeopathic periodicals,​ but we have deferred it from time to time owing to the irregularity with which we receive the Foreign journals. {{anchor:​s4}}In the <span grade2>​Neue Zeitschrift fur Homoeopathishe Klinik,</​span>​ edited by Dr. Hirschell, Dresden, a very interesting column is the repertory of homoeopathic daily literature. {{anchor:​s5}}To those who do not subscribe for all the homoeopathic journals, such an index may be of service, informing them what is going on abroad. {{anchor:​s6}}We have in the
 +<span grade2>​{{anchor:​s7}}British Journal of Homoeopathy,</​span>​ for October: A study of Iodine, by Drs. Madden and Hughes; Cerebral Dynamics, by Dr. Gilchrest; Change of Climate in Chronic Disease; Dr. Grover Coe on Concentrated Organic Remedies; Cancer, by Drs. Mc Limont and Marston; Pathogenesy of Aconite, by Mr. Nankivell; Reviews of Hunt on Skin Diseases and Boenninghausen'​s Aphorisms of Hippocrates. {{anchor:​s8}}Among the Miscellaneous Articles are: Phos. acid in Phthisis; Hahnemann on the Itch Insect; Nitric acid in enlargement of the liver and spleen; Letter from Hahnemann to a patient; Sarracenia in Small Pox; The Ordeal bean of Old Calabar; Mr. Wilson and Br. Hempel.
 +{{anchor:​s9}}The <span grade2>​Monthly Homoeopathic Review,</​span>​ London, for October, contains; Dysentery treated by Purgatives; Arsenic in Gastralgia; Prophylactic power infinitesimal quantities of Iodine; On Sleeping and Dreaming, by Mr. Cobbe; A Question on Doses, Dilutions, and the Characteristic Symptoms for the Selection of the Remedy, addressed by Dr. Bayes to Mr. Wilson; A calendar of Cases treated at the Penzance Homoeopathic Dispensary during the year 1862, by J. H. Nankivell; Reviews of the Annals of the British Homoeopathic Society and the London Homoeopathic Hospital, No. 13; Physiological effects of the Bromide of Ammonium; Alternation of the Remedy, by Mr. D. Wilson; The Thirteenth Annual Report of the Board of Management of the London Homoeopathic Hospital. {{anchor:​s10}}Archbishop Whatley; Reports of the Cheltenham, Liverpool and Manchester and Salford Homoeopathic Dispensaries.
 +{{anchor:​s11}}The <span grade2>​Homoeopathic Observer,</​span>​ Manchester, Eng, for September, publishes articles on, The Recent Controversy on Hahnemann'​s Materia Medica; — Manchester and Salford Homoeopathic Dispensary; Shoulder Presentation,​ by J. Drummond; The Reviewer Reviewed; Effects of Tartar emetic in large doses on animals; The Northern Homoeopathic Medical Association;​ Iron in Tuberculosis;​ Piconitrate of Potash as a vermifuge; Phytolacca decandra in diseases of the breast; Effects of Mercury in sheep; Influences of acid drinks and vegetables on the production of disease of the urethra and bladder.
 +<span grade2>​{{anchor:​s12}}Bulletin de la Societe Medicate Homoeopathique de France,</​span>​ Paris. {{anchor:​s13}}The August number is the last received of this journal It contains, Extracts of the Proceedings of the French Homoeopathic Medical Society; The actual state of Allopathic Therapeutics;​ Treatment of Pneumonia, by Dr. Eidherr; Biographical Sketches of Count des Guidi and F. Gabalda; Bibliographical Notices; Obituaries of Drs. Leon Marchant, of Bordeux, and Victor Fioretta, of Turin; and general homoeopathic intelligence.
 +<span grade2>​{{anchor:​s14}}Notes of a New Truth, A Monthly Journal of Homoeopathy,</​span>​ London, October, 1863, Mend or End (from the "​American Homoeopathic Review"​);​ Sickness from carriage riding; Necessity of care in judging from apparent coincidences;​ Questions to be submitted to the Medical Officers of the London Homoeopathic Hospital; Accidental poisoning in the Newcastle Infirmary; Protection from Scarlet Fever by Belladonna; Importance of fully developing the muscular power as a means of preventing disease; Cases, Facts, and Views, by Dr. Epps; Miserable practice of old Systemists; Prospects of cure for diseases of the Womb small under the old System; The realization of ends by means not homoeopathic injurious; Action of Sepia
 +<span grade2>​{{anchor:​s15}}El Criterio Medico,</​span>​ Madrid, Vol. IV, No. 18, September 25th, 1863, contains articles on, The Human Organism opposed to surrounding Nature; Clinique, Foreign Critical Review; Biography of Count des Guidi; Varieties. No. 19, October 10th, The Human Organism, etc., continued; Homoeopathic Therapeutics and Clinic; Correspondence;​ Another evidence in favor of the Infinitesimal Doses; Medical Application of the Recent Observations of the Influence of Ozone on Plants and Animals: Varieties.
 +<span grade2>​{{anchor:​s16}}Homoeopathische Vierteljahrschrift</​span>​ Leipsic, Vol. XIV, part 3, contains, Investigations of Chamomilla, by Dr. J. Hoppe, continued; The Moschus symptoms of the Materia Medica Pura, by Dr. Fr. Langheims; Contributions to Gynecology,"​by Dr. H. Kaan; Report of the Homoeopathic Clinique in Leipsic in the year 1862; Balneological Sketches, by Dr. H. Kaan.
 +<span grade2>​{{anchor:​s17}}Allgemeine Homoeopathische Zeitung,</​span>​ Leipsic, Vol. LXVII, No. 12, September 21st, 1863, contains, Contributions to Pharmacology — Chamomilla vulg., a fragmentary proving, 1844, by Dr. Hencke; Supra-orbital Neuralgia, by Dr. J. Hoppe; Practical experience in Typhus and its treatment according to the principles of Homoeopathy,​ by Dr. Jos. Bartl; Meeting of the Society of homoeopathic physicians of Westphalia and the Rhine, August 27th, 1863. {{anchor:​s18}}Miscellaneous. No. 13, September 28th, The opposition in the motor and sensitive nervous system, a continuance of phrenological studies, by Dr. Th. Bruckner; Practical experience in Typhus and its treatment, by Dr. Bartl; Remarks on Dr. Kleinert'​s Quellen Nackweis, by Dr. C. Hering; Thirty-third meeting of the Central Union of Homoeopathic Physicians of Germany, at Mainz; Miscellaneous.
 +<span grade2>​{{anchor:​s19}}Neue Zeitschrift fur Homoeopathische Klinik,</​span>​ Dresden, new series, Vol. VIII. No. 17, for September 1st., 1863, contains, a few words more on the nature of Itch, according to Hahnemann himself, by Dr. Langheims, of Darmstadt; A case of Paratyphlites(?​),​ communicated by Dr. Trinks, of Dresden; — A few observations on Arnic-cures,​ by Prof. Dr. Hoppe, of Basle; Pains from straining by bearing heavy burdens; Arnica, Rhus; Chronic Intestinal catarrh and rapid cure, by the Editor; Literary Review; Miscellanies. No. 18, September 15th, 1883, contains, How Dr. Hering expresses himself about the Philosophers,​ by Dr. Roth, of Paris; Observations on Arnica cures, by Dr. Hoppe, of Basle, (concluded);​ Blindness of the right eye, lasting twenty-two days, caused by a bee-sting, cured by Lachesis, by Dr. Gallavardin,​ in Lyon; Literary Notices; Miscellany. S.
 +^ Source: | The American Homoeopathic Review Vol. 04 No. 05, 1863, page 238-240 |
 +^ Description:​ | Miscellaneous;​ Homoeopathic Literature |
 +^ Author: | Ahomeo04 |
 +^ Year: | 1863 |
 +^ Editing: | errors only; interlinks; formatting |
 +^ Attribution:​ | Legatum Homeopathicum |
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