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 ====== PlayGround ====== ====== PlayGround ======
 +Allen, Henry Clarke: Keynotes and Characteristics with Comparisons of some of the Leading Remedies of the Materia Medica 
 +Allen, Timothy F.: A Primer of Materia Medica for Practitioners of Homeopathy 
 +Allen, Timothy F.: Handbook of Materia Medica 
 +Allen, Timothy F.: The Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica 
 +Arndt, Rudolph: First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homeopathic Remedies 
 +Bailey, Philip M.: Homeopathic Psychology 
 +Bell, James: The Homeopathic Therapeutics of Diarrhoea 
 +Bhatia, V. R.: Influenza and its Homoeopathic Treatment 
 +Bidwell, Glen: Cases - Bidwell 
 +Blackwood, Alexander L.: A Manual of Materia Medica Therapeutics and Pharmacology 
 +Blackwood, Alexander L.: The Food Tract 
 +Boericke, William: Homeopathic Materia Medica 
 +Boger, Cyrus Maxwell: A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica 
 +Boger, Cyrus Maxwell: Boenninghausens Characteristics 
 +Borland, Douglas: Homeopathy for Mother and Infant 
 +Borland, Douglas: Homeopathy in Practice 
 +Borland, Douglas: Children Types 
 +Borland, Douglas: Pneumonias 
 +Buck, Henry: The Outlines of Materia Medica 
 +Burt, William: Characteristic Materia Medica 
 +Burt, William: Physiological Materia Medica 
 +Candegabe, Eugenio: Comparative Materia Medica 
 +Case, Erastus E.: Some Clinical Experiences of Erastus Case 
 +Clarke, Gladstone A.: Decachords 
 +Clarke, John Henry: A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica 
 +Cleveland, Charles Luther: Salient Materia Medica and Therapeutics 
 +Cowperthwaite,​ Allen Corson: A Textbook of Materia Medica 
 +Dewey, Willis: Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics 
 +Douglass, Melford Eugene: Pearls in Homoeopathy 
 +Dunham, Carroll: Lectures on Materia Medica 
 +Farokh, Master: Works 
 +Farrington,​ Ernest: Lectures on Clinical Materia Medica 
 +Gallavardin,​ Jean Pierre: Materia Medica of the Psychic Medicines 
 +Gallavardin,​ Jean Pierre: Plastic Medicine Homoeopathic Treatment 
 +Gentry, William D.: The Rubrical and Regional Textbook of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica of Urine and Urinary Org
 You can test all **kinds** of stuff here. You can test all **kinds** of stuff here.
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