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CATARRHAL DISEASES OF THE NASAL AND RESPIRATORY ORGANS. By G. N. Brigman, M.D., Grand Rapids, Mich. New York: A. L. Chatterton Publishing Co., 1881.

This little book deserves a place in every homeopathic physician’s library, beside the monographs of Bell and King. Catarrhs are often sadly treated by homeopaths; this work renders that difficult task easier. We wish the author had given as a larger repertory; however, that portion can be enlarged in the next edition, which we hope will soon be demanded.

TRANSACTIONS OF THE WORLD’S HOMEOPATHIC CONVENTION of 1876, vol. ii., historical. Edited by J. C. Guernsey, M. D. American Inst. of Homeopathy.

This volume is said to contain historical sketches of homeopathy in all climes, with a bibliographical resume. We hope the history it gives of other sections is more correct than that of Philadelphia; ample proof of errors in this portion will be furnished anon. The editor desires that all members of the Institute who have failed to receive this volume will notify him.



The Bureau of Obstetrics, Diseases of Women and Children. The Chairman appoints the following:

H. N. Guernsey, M.D., Phila.; Gynecology, its Principles and Treatment. L. B. Wells, M.D., Utica, N. Y.; Labor, its Abnormalities and their Treatment. W. H. Leonard, M.D., Minneapolis, Minn.; Uterine and Puerperal Hemorrhage. C. Lippe, M.D., New York City; Diseases of Children, and their Treatment. T. F. Pomeroy, M.D., Chairman, Jersey City, subject not yet selected.

Bureau of Surgical Therapeutics.—J. G. Gilchrist, M.D., Detroit; J. B. Bell, M.D., Boston; J. C. Morgan, M.D., Phila.; R. R. Gregg, M.D., Buffalo; G. H. Carr, M.D., Whitehall, Michigan; C. F. Nichols, M.D., Boston; E. A. Ballard, M.D., Chairman. Chicago.


HOMEOPATHIC ACHIEVEMENTS.—A Homoeopath, of the name of O. B. Bird, is collecting an epitome of homeopathic achievements. The first “achievement” which we see recorded is this: “Diphtheria, 1856, Dr. P—, Washington, 100 cases, 3 deaths. Under allopathic treatment two - thirds of all cases died. Franklin County, N. Y., Dr. H—, 1860-62, treated 1,000 cases of diphtheria, lost 8 per cent; best allopath lost 25 per cent, Lowell, Mass., severe epidemic dysentery: allopaths lost 10 per cent., Dr. H— and S —, homeopaths, lost 1 1/2 per cent,” etc. And yet homeopathy is losing ground.Medical Record.

Will “Medical Record” kindly furnish the public with some evidence that “homoeopathy is losing ground?” Does it refer to burying ground?

HOSPITAL FOR INCURABLES. —Henry C. Gibson, Esq., a well known citizen of Philadelphia, has made a donation of $50,000 to the Incurable Ward of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. A ball on a large scale will soon be given by the leaders of Philadelphia society for the purpose of raising additional funds for this laudible object — Medical Record.

The allopaths need large, airy “incurable wards” for there it is that most of their patients live.

“MEDICAL HERESIES.”— In his review of Dr. Symthe’s book on Medical Heresies, Dr. James wrote: “When an allopathic doctor finds his patient going over to the new ‘heresy’ he will simply place in his hands a copy of this book and thereby change his intention.” An allopathic journalist thus confirms Dr. James prophecy; speaking of the volume he says : “It exposes the absurdity of its fundamental doctrine of similars, and the impossibility of its numerous triturations and dilutions: and, finally shows how, at the present time, many of those who call themselves homeopaths are teaching and practicing something very much like what regular physicians inculcate. If a copy of this very readable, clear, and convincing book could be placed in the hands of every intelligent person who practices or supports homeopathy, they would see how egregiously they are being duped.”—ED.

Nullius addictus in verba magistri jurare is the declaration of many unbelievers in Hahnemann’s “Organon,” yet these same persons secretly pin their faith on the theories and advice of current authors!!

We received the “extra” of the St. Louis Clinical Review, containing the speeches and poems delivered, Oct 10th, 1880, in honor of Constantine Hering. The St. Louis physicians do themselves honor in thus paying tribute to the great homeopath. And the Philadelphia fraternity are yet childishly quarrelling as to whether they have had a meeting or not!

At its meeting of Dec. 8th, 1880, the “Societe Hahnemannienne Federative” endorsed the “Declaration of Homeopathic Principles.”


Source: The Homoeopathic Physician Vol. 01 No. 04, 1881, pages 164-166
Author: HPhys01
Year: 1881
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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