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These few notes of drugs having the symptom of weakness, etc., in abdomen or stomach, have been collected from time to time and are, I think, reliable and may prove of use.

Am. Carb. —Empty feeling in stomach; fullness after eating.

Am. M. —Empty or hungry feeling: sensation as if from fasting yet fullness in stomach, worse after breakfast

Anac. —First sensation of fasting in pit of stomach, then pressure in stomach.

Ant. Crud. —Sensation of emptiness in abdomen going off after meals.

Bapt. —Sinking, gone feeling, fainting; tongue brown.

Bell. —Emptiness in stomach.

Bry. —Feeling of emptiness in stomach with distension of abdomen.

Calc. Phos. —Empty sinking around navel or belly.

Carbo. An. —Faint, gone feeling, not relieved by eating.

Cocculus —Emptiness and hollowness in abdomen.

Digit. —Weakness, sinking as if he were dying.

Gels. —Feeling of emptiness and weakness in stomach and bowels.

Glon. —Faint feeling at pit of stomach.

Hydras. —Faintness at stomach, goneness, sinking, with violent palpitation of heart.

Ignat. —Weakness, sinking in pit of stomach.

Ipecac. —Stomach feels relaxed, hanging down.

Lilium —Hollow, empty sensation in stomach and bowels.

Mag. M. —Nausea, followed by weakness and fainting and coldness in stomach.

Meph. —Nausea with emptiness in stomach.

Merc. Iod. (F.)—Nausea with emptiness in stomach and weakness.

Mur. Ac —Empty sensation extending into abdomen, no hunger; from 10 A. M. to evening.

Natr. M. —Great weakness by spells.

Nicco. —Sensation of emptiness without hunger.

Petroleum —Sensation of emptiness and weakness in stomach. Gastralgia better from eating.

Phos. —Sensation of emptiness in abdomen which seems to aggravate other complaints.

Plumb. —Nausea, weakness.

Sanguin. —Sensation of emptiness soon after eating.

Sepia —Painful sensation of emptiness in stomach and abdomen, worse when thinking of food.

Stannum —Sinking, gone feeling.

Staphis. —Weakness in abdomen as if it would drop down, wants to hold it up (Agnus C) E. J. L.


Source: The Homoeopathic Physician Vol. 01 No. 12, 1881, pages 587-579
Author: Lee, E.J.
Year: 1881
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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