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(Translated from the Allgemeine Homoeopatische Zeitung.)

The following case, though not presenting a very rapid cure, nevertheless shows the superiority of our system over the old school, which considers the above named disease, if not absolutely incurable, yet eminently lingering, and hardly accessible to the influence of medicines.

Maria Massia, 26 years of age, had always enjoyed good health, until about seven weeks before entering our Hospital, on the twenty-first of June. Her trouble commenced with pain in the hip, for which she applied to an Allopathic practitioner; but as she derived no relief from his treatment, she came here. The pain, at first confined to the hip joint, now extended to the whole extremity down to the ankle, increasing in severity towards evening to such a degree that she cannot refrain from moaning and crying, and is unable to go to sleep. She is altogether unable to move the limb, and the slightest touch upon the painful parts causes such an excitement that she trembles all over, and is sometimes thrown into fits. The temperature of the skin, not only on the affected parts, but over the whole body, was high; appetite wanting; intense thirst; stools, retarded; menses, regular.

The medicines, which have proved so efficacious in other cases of this disease, in this instance failed entirely. Bryon., Coloc., Merc. sol.,-all of the 15th potency-and Tart. stib.2, were successively employed with little effect; they, indeed, lulled the pain for a short time, but exerted no lasting influence. I determined, therefore, to apply those remedies which penetrate, as physiological experiments teach us, more deeply and powerfully into the organism, and administered Mezereum 15, and Aur. mur.15, which soon produced a decided improvement; but after a few days, the pain returned as intense as before. I then prescribed Silicea 30, and under its continued use, steadily, although slowly did the pain abate, until the patient was discharged from the Hospital, cured.


Source: The AMERICAN HOMOEOPATHIC REVIEW Vol. 01 No. 06, 1859, page 274
Description: Coxitis.
Remedies: Silicea terra
Author: AHomeo01
Year: 1859
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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