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TOULON, Nov. 9th, 1858.


GENTLEMEN:-On page 95 of the last REVIEW, I noticed a case illustrating the injurious effects of external applications in treating Tinea Capitis. The following I think is conclusive on this point:

In the early part of March, 1857, I was called to see a little patient, aged 18 months, which I found laboring under a meningitis. Entering into the history of the case I was told there had been a very bad eruption on the child's scalp for some time back, which, however, the mother had cured very quickly only a few days before she called me, by applying some patent ointment, and that the present disease came on just as the head was getting well.

When I told the parents what their so-called cure amounted to, they seemed perfectly astounded, and begged me to do all that could be done for the little sufferer (their only child.)

I saw the case for 4 days, during which time there seemed but little change, on the 5th, some improvement was apparent. When I called on the 6th day the mother met me in the door-way, her countenance beaming with joy. She said the child was so much better, and that nasty eruption had come out again as bad as ever. And true enough it had come out; the meningitis was gone and in six weeks more the tinea capitis was gone, and the child has kept well to this day.


Source: The AMERICAN HOMOEOPATHIC REVIEW Vol. 01 No. 03, 1858, page 140
Description: Letter from Dr. Bacmeister; Dangerous consequences of a suppression of eruption;
Author: AHomeo01
Year: 1858
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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