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The University of London have received a new charter, which will exert a considerable influence on medical education. Candidates for degrees will not for the future be called upon for certificates as to where or how they have acquired their knowledge. They will merely have to produce testimonials of age and good character to entitle them to examination, and the examination passed, the degree must be conferred. This is a great step in advance. The day may come when the same principle will be recognized in medical education, and teachers will then be stimulated to attract students by the value of their lectures, not by the facility with which they grant certificates of attendance en lectures students are compelled to attend before they are admitted to examination.-Med. Times and Gazette.

The Illinois State Homoeopathic Medical Association will hold its Annual Meeting at Chicago, on the 1st of December, and will probably be in session for two days. Dr John T. Temple of St. Louis, will deliver the Annual Address.


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DIED.-Dr. WILLIAM WESSELHOEFT, at Boston, on the 1st day of September 1858, aged 64 years Dr. Wesselhoeft was a native of Germany, where he was educated and graduated as M. D. His great love for republican institutions induced him to emigrate to the United States. He located himself at Bath, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania, where he obtained a merited reputation as a successful physician. About 1825 he received from his father, then a bookseller in Jena, Germany, the first works on Homoeopathy and some homoeopathic medicines. After fully investigating the new system, as a theory, and after making some experiments with the medicines, he became fully convinced of the correctness of the theory and its beneficial applicability in diseases; he embraced the new system with enthusiasm and remained, up to his death, folly convinced of the superiority of his teachings.

In 1836 Dr. Wesselhoeft removed from Bath to Allentown, Leigh Co., Pennsylvania, and took charge of the Homoeopathic College which had been established there by Dr. C. Hering, who had taught there successfully for some years. In 1839 Dr. W. removed to Boston, where he enjoyed a well deserved and large practice, leaving a large circle of friends to mourn his loss.

The profession loses in him a bright ornament, a profound scholar, one of the few true disciples of the great master, a man of unflinching honesty, a conscientious physician Who was scrupulously exact in his prescriptions, a true friend to all true men. Requiescat in pace. A. LIPPE.


Source: The AMERICAN HOMOEOPATHIC REVIEW Vol. 01 No. 02, 1858, pages 95-96
Author: AHomeo01
Year: 1858
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Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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