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By the Late Dr. C. Von Boenninghausen, Munster.

[In 1836, Dr. von Boenninghausen published a valuable little volume containing a short review of what he regarded as being “the characteristic symptoms, and chief effects” of 123 of the principal remedies of our Materia Medica.

This work has never been translated into English. It was Dr. von Boenninghausen's intention to rewrite the essays of which it consists, and to add to them the analyses of many other remedies which had been proved since 1836. But the busy hours of his life went past and death took him from us, with this task, like many others, uncompleted.

Among the remedies for which he had made preparatory studies, with a view to the new edition referred to, was Kreasotum, a remedy which, he used frequently to say, was far from being estimated at its true value. The following pages are a literal translation of his manuscript study.-D.]

Mind. - Weakness of memory. Forgetfulness.

Head. - Roaring in the head. Headache after a carouse. Headache with sleepiness. Throbbing in the front part of the head. Pain, pressing outwards, in the forehead. The hair falls out. Sensibility of the scalp to touch and when the hair is combed .

Eyes. - Itching and biting in the eyes. Chronic swelling of the eyelids and of their margins. Heat in the eyes. Hot and acrid tears in the eyes, like salt water. Agglutination of the eyelids. Like a veil before the eyes.

Ears. - The external ear is ulcerated and feels hot. Moist eruption upon the ear with swelling of the glands in the neck and grey complexion.

Nose. - Epistaxis of thin, bright, red blood. Offensive odor before the nose .

Face . - Earthy, pale, green complexion. Acne in the face. Peeling off and cracking of the cuticle of the upper lip.

Teeth. - Drawing tooth-ache, which extends to the temples (and cars).

Mouth. - Scratchy sensation in the throat. Rough, hoarse speech.

Digestion. - Loss of appetite. Stomach-ache from acid food.

Taste. - Bitter or flat taste. Water, after it is swallowed, tastes bitter.

Nausea. - Morning sickness of pregnant women.

* Stomach. - Painful hardness in the region of the stomach.

Hypochondria . - Constriction of the hypochondria, which do not tolerate tight clothing.

Abdomen. - Ulcerative pain in the abdomen. Great distension and tightness of the abdomen. Pain in the region of the umbilicus.

Stool. - Constipation. Ineffectual, painful urgency to stool. *Constipation in case of uterine cancer.

Urine. - Frequent urgency to urinate with copious discharge. Frequent urination at night Diabetes.

*Genital Organs. - Soreness and smarting between the labia and in the vulva. Excessive itching in the vagina. Ulcerative pain in the cervix uteri. o Carcinoma uteri. o Prolapsus uteri.

Menses. - Disposition to abortion and Metrorrhagia. Menses too soon and too copious. Deafness during the menses. Before, during and after the menses, buzzing and roaring in the head. Leucorrhea both bland and acrid. Leucorrhea with great weakness.

Coryza.-Frequent sneezing with dry, nasal catarrh. Grippe. Chronic catarrh of old persons .

Respiration. - Dyspnea, as if from a feeling of heaviness in the chest, with a feeling in the chest as if one had been beaten.

Cough, - Fatiguing cough (in old persons) with copious expectoration of thick, yellow or white mucus. Cough with retching. Cough with discharge of urine. Cough with dyspnea. Cough at evening in bed.

Trachea. - Rough and scratchy in the throat.

*Thorax . - Anxious feeling of heaviness in the chest. Stitches in the chest, in the mammae, and in the heart. The chest feels as if it had been beaten.

Back. - Labor-like pains in the sacral region and in the lumbar vertebrae with severe pressure to urinate. Pains in the back at night.

*Upper Extremities . - Luxation pains in the thumbs. The third phalanges of the fingers seem as if they were dead with a creeping sensation in them as if produced by ants.

Lower Extremities. - Pain in the hip joint as if it were luxated. Painfulness in the crista ilii, as if from a heavy burden, or after running. Sensation as if the knee joint would suddenly give way. Ulcerative pain, as if from an ulcer, in the whole leg. Ulcerative pain and burning in the soles of the feet. Cold swelling of the feet.

Generalities. - Stitches in the joints. Lassitude of all the limbs. Weariness as if from too long a foot journey. Heaviness in all the limbs, with tired sleepiness. During repose, a sensation as if all parts of the body were in motion. Great restlessness and excitation of the whole body, more in repose than during motion. Many symptoms are aggravated during motion and in the open air. Most of the symptoms vanish after sleep. She dares not remain fasting for a long time after getting up, nor keep quiet for a long time.

*Skin. - Eruption, dry as well as moist, in almost all parts of the body, especially on the backs of the hands and feet, in the palms of the hands, in the ears, in the popliteal region and on the knuckles of the hands and feet, which itch very much at evening and in the night. Putrid ulcers.

*Sleep. - Frequent yawning and great sleepiness. Much sleep, disturbed by dreams.

Fever. -Transient chill without thirst. After the chill, thirst.

Disposition. - Peevishness, ill-temper. Excited condition. Obstinacy.


Source: The American Homoeopathic Review Vol. 04 No. 11, 1865, pages 503-506
Description: Kreasotum.
Remedies: Kreosotum.
Author: Boenninghausen, C.
Year: 1865
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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