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By AD. Fellger, M.D., Philadelphia

Mr. R. 27 years old, came on the 30th of January 1865, to my office, with a gonorrhoea which he had had for some time. The running was milk-like and profuse. There was not the least pain either by urination or without, or any inclination to pass urine more than usual. Mr. R. had a gonorrhea several years before, which he said was cured allopathically. I gave one dose of Copaiva (five drops Copaiva balsam to one hundred drops of Alcohol). Eight days after, to his great satisfaction, he told me he was entirely well, there was not the least running from the urethra to be observed. But alas, about a week after he appeared again with a strong discharge of the cryptae sebaccae of the corona glandis and a small condyloma on the fraenulum praeputiae; from the urethra itself there was no discharge. I then gave Thuja200, one dose. From week to week this condyloma enlarged and on the corona gland is there appeared five other condylomata which grew rapidly larger. As I considered the enlargement of the condylomata a homoeopathic aggravation, I waited patiently five weeks for the action of Thuja. But all this time the condylomata did not diminish but grew larger and larger; the condyloma at the fraenulum was now an inch long. As the patient had no kind of pain nor the least discharge from the urethra, he seemed not uneasy about it; the only complaint he now made was that he had frequent pollutions, which induced me to give Acid. Nitr. 200, one dose. After eight days all the condylomata at the corona glandis had disappeared entirely, and the long condyloma on the fraenulum was reduced to half its size; and eight days after this, there was nothing more visible, and even with the lens not one spot could be detected. The pollution as well as the discharge from the cryptae sebaceoe, had also entirely disappeared. Thus Nitric acid is the remedy for condylomata with pollutions.


Source: The American Homoeopathic Review Vol. 04 No. 11, 1865, page 518
Description: Clinical Case.
Remedies: Nitricum acidum
Author: Fellger, Ad.
Year: 1865
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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