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By E. M. Hale, M. D., Chicago, Ill.

I have lately had occasion to verify a curious clinical fact in relation to Coffea, and deem it of sufficient importance to give it to the profession.

When I was a student of medicine in the office of Dr. Blair, of Ohio, a man came to consult him for a severe pain in a decayed tooth. He stated that he had ridden about twelve miles since the pain commenced, and the only relief he got was from holding cold water in the mouth. The instant the water became warm, the pain was renewed! He had carried a jug of water with him during his drive, replenishing it at farm houses along the route.

Dr. Blair prescribed a single dose of Coffea3 (centesimal dilution) a single drop. In twenty or thirty minutes the pain abated, and in less than an hour had ceased altogether, and the patient left the office blessing Homoeopathy.

The incident left a lasting impression on my mind, and I treasured it up for future use. Six years afterwards I was called to see a lady suffering from prosopalgia, which extended to the molar teeth of the right side (it might have originated in the teeth). She was very irritable, sensitive and moaning from the distressing pain. She held in her hand a bowl of crushed ice and was engaged in eating small pieces, stating that she felt relief from the pain only when the ice was in contact with the painful teeth.

I remembered the case above alluded to, and gave her a spoonful of a solution of a few pellets of Coffea in half a glass of ice water. In about half an hour the pain had nearly left her, and in an hour she fell asleep.

The second case which came under my treatment was that of a old lady in feeble health, whom I was treating for climacteric difficulties. She sent for me one evening, stating upon my arrival that she was suffering intensely from pains in the right molar (upper and under) teeth, the pain extending to the head and ears. She obtained momentary relief by holding in her mouth the coldest water she could procure. The pain had lasted all day. Here, I thought, was a good opportunity for testing the high potencies. I dissolved a few pellets of Coffea200 (Lehrmann's) in half a glass of water, and ordered a spoonful every half hour until the pain ceased. The next morning the patient stated to me that after the first dose the pain was slightly ameliorated; after the second, considerably relieved; and after the third, ceased altogether.

It will be admitted that the above are notable cases, in which the symptom “relieved by cold water” was the characteristic indication. But the strangest part of the matter is that this symptom is not found in any pathogenesis of Coffea. Even the symptom “pains relieved by cold applications” is not to be found. Coffea has proved curative in “toothache with restlessness, anguish and whining mood especially at night and after a meal,” and “jerking in the teeth, also with tearing.” Is it possible that Coffea cured the above cases by reason of other indications? Was the peculiar symptom alluded to of no importance?


Source: The American Homoeopathic Review Vol. 05 No. 03, 1864, pages 164-165
Description: Coffea in Odontalgia (toothache).
Remedies: Coffea cruda
Author: Hale, E.M.
Year: 1864
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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