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As a vehicle for the external applications of Arnica, &c.</span>


Nearly a year ago I was accidentally led to the adoption of this valuable agent, as a vehicle for medicines used externally. Having a case of vesicular herpes, on the face of a child, characterized by some tingling-itching. I was importuned by the parents to give some external, soothing application. I put up some Glycerine, and the idea struck me, that Rhus might be added with benefit; a few drops of the mother tincture were therefore added with it, (1/2 oz). It acted like a charm, allaying the irritation, and hastening the cure. Since which time I have used a similar preparation in many eruptive diseases.

In a recent Medical Journal, Glycerine is strongly recommended as a dressing to wounds, ulcers, &c. It may be good. alone, as an external application, but when combined with the remedial agents we possess, it becomes invaluable.

I know of no other Homoeopath who used it, and while I hesitatingly claim the merit of first recommending its use, (with Arnica, &c.) it is with pleasure that I give the profession the results of my experience; and will therefore give my method of preparing the medicated Glycerine.

To 10 parts Glycerine, add 1 part of Mother Tincture of Arnica, or any other drug (I prefer Tilden's Fluid of Arnica and Aconite, to the common Tincture.) If a large quantity is to be used, the Glycerine can first be diluted with water, as much as desired.

While we get the mild, soothing and perhaps healing effects of the Glycerine, we also get the specific, remedial effect of the medicine we combine with it.

The following are the principal preparations I have used, and can recommend:

Glycerine and Arnica, for Contusions; contused and punctured wounds; boils; some kinds of ulcerations; excoriations.

Glycerine and Calendula, for cut and lacerated wounds; all unhealthy ulcerations; ulceration of os uteri; sore nipples.

Glycerine and Rhus tox, for vesicular and herpetic eruptions, with intolerable itching, strains of joints and tendons.

Glycerine and Aconite, Neuralgia; prosopalgia; odontalgia; spinal tenderness; highly inflamed wounds and swellings.

Glycerine and Hamamelis, contusions; extravasations; painful tumors; wounds with excess in hemorrhage; bleeding piles; varicose veins and ulcers.

Glycerine and Urtica urens, Nettle rash; excess in itching of the arms from ascarides or piles; prurigo.

Glycerine and Kali hyd., Tumors; Hydrops articuli, (of which I have cured many cases by giving it internally and using it externally; Hyd of Potash is best given in Glycerine)

I have used some others, but suffice it to say that in all conditions of irritation, I consider it the best and most proper vehicle for applying remedies externally. I hope to see it generally used by the profession and prepared by all our pharmacies.


Source: The AMERICAN HOMOEOPATHIC REVIEW Vol. 01 No. 02, 1858, pages 78-79
Description: Glycerine As a vehicle for the external applications of Arnica, &c.
Remedies: Arnica montana, Aconitum napellus, Calendula, Hamamelis, Urtica urens, Kali hyd., Rhus toxicodendron
Author: Hale, E.M.
Year: 1858
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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