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[Case reported to the Vermont Homoeopathic Medical Society.]

By M. G. Houghton, M.D., St. Johnsbury, VT.

The subject of this case, a girl of ten years, had diphtheria in August, 1864, was treated by a homoeopathic physician, but had not been well up to the time of writing this report, having had repeated attacks of inflammation and swelling of the tonsils, as I was informed.

I was summoned to visit her on the 2d of March, 1865 when I found her with a swelling immediately beneath the angle of the lower jaw, on the right side, about the size of a turkey egg, which I ordered poulticed, and on the 8th lanced the same, when it discharged freely a thick pus, which continued, more or less, for two days, amounting in all to about one-third of a pint.

But that which I had purposed to report more particularly, was a subsequent attack of diphtheria.

I was summoned to see this girl on the 20th of March, 1865. Has had inflammation and swelling of the tonsils for two days past, with some membranous deposit; tonsils are now exceedingly swollen, with fiery redness about the margin of the membrane - externally on the left side is a swelling as large as a hen's egg; respiration hurried; pulse upwards of 100 per minute. Gave Mercurius sol200 in powder, to be repeated every two hours.

Visited her again the 21st. She has had a restless night; has not slept five minutes at a time; constant thirst; difficult and painful deglutition; respiration hurried and very much obstructed; membrane in the throat not materially increased; pulse 120 per minute. Continue Mercurius sol.200 every two hours.

Visited her again on the morning of the 20th. The swelling externally has abated, and also somewhat internally; the membrane is being detached, and there is less fiery redness, though deglutition is difficult and respiration laborious; pulse 120 per minute and short hollow sounds of the heart's action. During the past night, has had violent twitchings of the muscles; incoherent talking; occasional choking when falling asleep; has not slept three minutes at a time. Continued Mercurius sol200 once in two hours.

Visited her again in the evening of the same day. The swelling is reduced one-half and the membrane is clearing off; can swallow better, but cannot breathe through either nostril; a discharge from right nostril which is ichorous in appearance and corroding in effect. Notwithstanding she cannot breathe through the nose, there is a fan-like motion of the nostrils in every act of inspiration, not only observable by myself, but had attracted the attention of the attendants.

This, gentlemen, is a symptom which characterizes a certain remedy, and no other remedy in the Materia Medica has it.

Violent and hurried beating of the heart, and, to cap the climax, she has sinking spells. Gave Lycopodium200 every two hours.

Morning of the 23d. Has had hemorrhage from the posterior nares during the past night, though not excessive; no discharge from the right nostril now, but from the left; has not slept during the past night; very restless but no sinking. Continued Lyc. 200 once in three hours, and sent for counsel.

Visited her again on the evening of the same day. Feels better; less discharge from the nose, and not so much thirst; pulse 108. Continued Lycopodium200 once in three hours.

Morning of the 24th. Has slept some three hours during the past night; breathes better; less thirst and a little appetite; can now force the air through the nose with some exertion; has blown a thick matter from the nose; pulse 108. Counsel has arrived. Continued Lyc. 200 once in three hours.

Visited her again on the 25th. No discharge from the nose; slept four hours the past night; more appetite; pulse 100. Continued Lycopodium 200 once in four hours.

26th. Is doing well; slept six hours the past night; good appetite. Continued Lyc. 200 once in five hours, and I am happy to say, gentleman, the patient made a speedy recovery.


Source: The American Homoeopathic Review Vol. 06 No. 10, 1866, pages 383-385
Description: Diphtheria
Author: Houghton, M.G.
Year: 1866
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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