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Some specimens of the leaf were collected when the vine was in flower, June 17th and 18th, 1846, and the juice expressed, mixed with alcohol and attenuated.

Experienced some symptoms after handling the Rhus radicans, and inhaling its effluvia whilst gathering and preparing it.

June 18th and 19th. — 1. Pain at the outer edge of the left patella, on going up-stairs in the evening, after sitting for sometime. Commenced about a day and a quarter after collecting the first specimen, and a quarter of a day after the second.

2. Pimples, large, deep-seated and somewhat irritable to the touch on the median side of the nates; commenced nearly at the same time as the preceding symptom. This symptom had occurred in the first proving, with the third dilution, when I had not been previously exposed to the fresh plant.*[I had obtained that preparation from a competent and conscientious person, the late Dr. Z. Harris.]

23rd. At nine, p.m., took three pellets of Rhus rad.2, which I had collected and prepared on the 18th.

3. Transient pain in the right shoulder; after half an hour.

4. Pressure near the middle of the sternum on the left side; after two-thirds of an hour.

24th. — 5. Slight cutting in the urethra when urinating, at live, p.m.

25th. — 6. Dull pain in the forehead, temples and occiput, in the morning at half-past six and seven o'clock.

7. Pressive pain in the inner canthus of the left eye, and the left side of the root of the nose, at half-past nine, a.m.

8. Transient pain in the region of the ascending colon, on rising up after stool, at 10.45, a.m.

26th. — 9. Woke with a burning, osseous and remittent pain, throughout the middle phalanx of the right little finger, accompanied with pain in the right temple, at half-past five, a.m.

10. Burning in the esophagus in the fore-noon. Some of this in the fore-noon of the preceding day.

11. Pimple, large, deep-seated and irritable to the touch, on the upper lip, opposite the left cuspidatus tooth; one, p.m.

30. — 12. Pain at the right superciliary ridge, now and for some days past.

13. Sleepiness in the day-time.

July 1st. — Took another dose of three pellets of Rhus rad.5, at six, a.m.

14. Tingling pain, felt almost simultaneously in the rectum and the left hip, when lying on the left side; after eight minutes. The painful tingling was as if from vibrations as rapid as those of some low notes.

15. Pain in the ulnar edge of the right hand, about quarter-past six, a.m., alter about a quarter of an hour.

16. Sleepiness, yawnings and indisposition to mental and corporeal labour; eleven, a.m., after five hours.

Repeated three pellets of the third at twenty minutes past twelve, noon, and at eleven, p.m.

July 2nd. — 17. Transient burning, semilateral pain just above the zygoma, and in the occiput of the same side, in the night at three o'clock.

18. Erysipelatous appearance in the face below the left eye, at one, p.m. This returned four and five days afterward, without repetition of the dose.

19. Burning and pressive pain and sensation of excoriation, in the chest behind the upper half of the sternum, with short cough excited by a tickling at the same part; eleven, p.m.

3rd. — 20. Stinging in the chest below the right nipple, with itching in front of the chest; itching in the back; itching of the skin in various parts of the body — all these in the morning in bed, a day and a half after the last dose.

4th. — 21. Pain in the region of the right quadratus lumborum muscle, on rising from the recumbent posture, and pain in the calf of the left leg at each step; half-past two, p.m., weather cold and rainy.

22. Some days since, under Rhus rad.3, I felt a transient burning and pressive pain at the middle of the lower side of the left clavicle, on swallowing moderately cold (Croton) water. About the same time,

23. A transient burning and pressive pain in the stomach on swallowing moderately cold water.

5th. — 24. Tough unsuppurating pimple on the chest, one inch above the left nipple; four days after last dose.

25. Burning pain in the left shoulder, felt when walking, at one, p.m.; four days after last dose.

7th. — 26 Pain in the left shoulder when riding in the forenoon; six days after the last dose,

27. Eructation, attended with shooting in the right portion of the epigastric region and in the right axilla; at one, p.m.

28. Median edge of right nostril inflamed without coryza, at seven, a.m.; a tough and irritable pimple formed at the upper-part, which became incrusted next morning,

29. Itching in the anterior part of the hairy scalp when walking in the open air with the head uncovered; at ten, p.m.

July 7th, 10:15, p.m. — Took Rhus rad. 30, six pellets.

30. Pain in the middle phalanx of the little finger of the right hand, at half-past ten, p.m.; after a quarter of an hour.

31 Pain in the region of the left kidney; this increased after lying down at midnight.

8th. — 32. Semi-acute pain about the middle of the left upper arm, with itching on the back and at the anterior part of the chest; at seven, a.m.

33. Extreme confusion of sight commenced at half-past eight, a.m., ten hours after Rhus rad. 30, and lasted for one hour, and was attended, especially in the right half of the field of vision, with an appearance of irregular lines having a wavering motion. Tendency to hemiopia (and presbyopia?)

34. Intermittent and remittent pains immediately above the superciliary ridges, over both eyes, attended with depression of spirits, indisposition to conversation and weakness of the legs. These symptoms occurred during the latter part of the forenoon, were less during the afternoon, and returned in the evening.

35. Vesicle on the right wrist, just below the lower head of the ulna.

36. Rheumatic, slightly burning and semi-acute pain in the side, between the spine of the ilium and ribs, in the evening.

9th. — 37. Suppurating pimple on the chest in the left mammary region in the morning, at seven o'clock.

38. Disposition to criticise and utter reproaches, in the morning, at eight o'clock.

39. Smarting and burning in the anus, during and after evacuation; at half-past nine, a.m.

40. Chillness in the back, weakness of the legs and desire to lie down, with shootings in the abdomen, occurred at noon. These in half an hour were followed by,

41. Pain in the left upper arm, commencing immediately after lying down, on the right side.

42. Very severe pricking-itching in the anus, at three different times when walking, between three and six, p.m., not recurring when at rest.

43. Pricking-itching in the inner canthus of the left eye, between the eyebrows, and in the thighs.

44. Disposition to criticise and find fault in the evening, from seven to nine o'clock.

10th. — 45. Pain at the inside of the head of the left tibia, on sitting, after walking; half-past nine, p.m.

11th, at 4:15, p.m, (ther. 97° in shade.) — Took Rhus rad. 80, 3 j of an aqueous solution of three drops in a gill of water; forty minutes later, double that quantity.

46. Pain in the left upper arm, at five, p.m.; five minutes after the last dose.

47.Severe and almost intolerable itching of the legs and feet, especially the lower half of the leg, the ankle, instep and upper part of the foot; scratching produces severe burning and smarting, eleven, p.m. This was followed at eight next morning (12th) by,

48.A burning and smarting eruption on the insteps and lower portion of the legs, and burning smarting and redness on the upper surfaces of the feet in the metatarsal region.

Remark. — The effects apparently produced by the thirtieth dilution, agreed in character and location, very closely with those produced in many instances by contact of the legs and feet with the leaves of the living vegetable.

12th continued. — 49. Very painful burning in the anus, soon attended with burning near the extremity of the penis; 10:30, a.m.

50. Short, dry cough excited by a tickling sensation behind the upper half of the sternum, with dull aching in the left mammary region, both when sitting inclined forward; at eleven, a.m.

51. Pain, slightly burning just above the left eyebrow, immediately after washing the hands and rinsing the mouth with cold water.

52. Some gelatinous substance in the fauces.

53. Tongue on one morning has a dark brown mucus on it, on another is coated yellow. This and 52 occurred some days since.

13th — 54. Dark brown stool preceded by costiveness.

55. Stinging prickings in different parts of the skin of the neck on walking in the (open) air after drinking cold water. The prickings oftener over the sterno-mastoid muscles opposite the lower part of the larynx, at six, p.m.

14th. — 56. Aching over left eyebrow with depression of spirits and yawning with lachrymation, at one, p.m.

57. Stinging prickings in the skin at the lower part of the cervical and upper portion of the dorsal spine, and at two corresponding points of the neck at the clavicular portions of the sterno-mastoid muscles, felt when walking in the house immediately after drinking cool water, a quarter before six, p.m.

Symptoms 55 and 57 occurring on different days, have in common the following, which for convenience is numbered:

58. Stinging prickings in the skin at the lower part of the neck, about six o'clock in the afternoon when walking after drinking cool water.

59. Deep-seated pain in outer ankle whenever it is pressed, but not continuing after the removal of the pressure; half-past eight, a m.

In the afternoon of July 14th, I prepared the fiftieth from the thirtieth, and at ten, p.m., took Rhus rad. 50, gt. j.

60. In half an hour felt on rising from a chair, a sudden and severe pain, as if from a sprain, at the insertion of the ligamentum patellae into the tibia. This, with tenderness at the part on pressure, remained a few minutes.

61. Transient and painless burning at the inner extremity of the left superciliary ridge; after three quarters of an hour.

62. Aching at the ulnar edge of the right metacarpus, before midnight, when at rest in bed, mitigated by movement; after one and a half hours.

Remark. — When several marked symptoms occur shortly after a change of dilation, we have reason to refer them to the potency last given, and to estimate the interval accordingly.

15th. — 63. Fulness and dull pain in the forehead, especially in the region of causality, with impatient desire to accomplish several kinds of business, chiefly intellectual; eleven, a.m.

64. Aching in the left wrist.

65. Pain in the left upper arm as if the muscles or tendons were unduly strained, when the limb is carried by them far upwards and backwards; at two and three, p.m.

60 and 65 may admit of the following generalization:

66. Limbs readily sprained.

67. Severe stinging prickings, in the lower part of the neck and upper part of the neck and upper part of the back, after drinking cool water; 4:40, p.m.

68. Burning with stinging pricking in the inner canthus of the left eye; half-past six, p.m.

69. Pains in the stomach and abdomen, about 7:15, p.m. The latter continued through the evening and remained next morning.

16th. — 70. Tongue dry in the morning on waking late, about eight o'clock.

At a quarter past eight in the morning, took globules moistened with a mixture of equal parts of all the dilutions of Rhus rad. between the thirty-first and forty-ninth inclusive, except the thirty-ninth and fortieth.

71. Pain at the anterior part of the left thigh along the whole course of the rectus femoris from the anterior inferior spinous process of the ilium to the patella, felt when in walking the leg begins to be thrown forward, and at different times from four to eight and a half, p.m., and more especially during the earlier portion of each walk after an interval of rest. Long walking removed the lameness for the time.

17th. — 72. Pain simultaneously over the right eyebrow and in the region of the right hemisphere of the cerebellum.

19th. — 73. Extreme sleepiness during the day and evening.

74. Pain behind the right sacro-iliac symphysis and in the left shoulder.

22d. — 75. Severe stinging just below the inner side of the head of the left tibia, a few minutes after drinking cool milk.

76. Itching of the skin in the evening. The same next morning.

23d. — 77. Pain in the left knee on beginning to walk down stairs, after sitting, in the morning.

78. Severe pain immediately above the right knee, on the left side of the upper extremity of the patella on rising from a chair, about noon.

24th. — 79. Weakness of the legs, with severe pain at the anterior tuberosity of the left tibia on first walking, then just behind the outer malleolus of the left ankle, and five minutes later by superficial pain at the inferior occipital ridge increased on exerting the muscles whose tendons are there inserted; between five and six, p.m.

25th. — 80. Sore sensation with redness at the apex of the tongue, remained at least two days.

26th. — 81. Severe shooting pain near the middle of the right side of the chest when lying on that side, after one, p.m., followed in half an hour by intense itching of the chin.

27th. — 82. Pain at the biceps muscle of the left arm, and in several phalanges of fingers of the left hand, about six, a.m.

August 2d. — I took five doses Rhus rad. 50 at intervals of about five minutes, commencing at 9:33, p.m.

83. Before eleven at night the symptoms occurred in the following order, commencing five minutes after the last dose: Sneezing; pain in the left cheat about two inches to the left of the nipple, and at the lower angle of the left scapula; then at the left scapula and left shoulder joint; then in the calf of the left leg, mitigated by movement; sensation of painless heat, as if from some stimulating application, at the left eyebrow; followed in ten minutes by pain there; loud sound like that of a cascade in left ear, or like that of a heavy shower of rain striking on the ground. All these occurred in the same hear.

3d. — 84. Greyish mucus in the mouth in the morning.

I took Rhus rad. 60 again at six, a.m.

85. About seven the following group occurred in three minutes: Pain in the region of the biceps flexor of the right arm, then in the ulnar edge of the metacarpus of the right hand, then yawning.

86. After eleven in the forenoon, pain in the inner, lower, and posterior part of the calf of leg, felt during the earlier portion of a walk whenever the heel was raised by the action of the calf; it was relieved after walking a few minutes, and was followed before noon, by shooting in the abdomen about two inches to the left of the umbilicus.

Took Rhus rad. 6 at seven in the evening of the same day.

5th. — 87. Great and painful sensitiveness to touch in the anterior muscles of the thighs, more in the left, the posterior part of which was painful in walking on the preceding day; the tenderness of both commenced at seven, p.m., just two days after Rhus rad. 6, and continued without intermission for several days.

88. Inaptitude to mental labour at nine and ten, p.m., preceding an itching from the middle of left leg to the ankle, more on the shin and outside of it; two days after Rh. r. 6.

6th. — 89. Severe itching of the ankles and lower half of the legs, followed by procidentia recti; R. r. 6, after 3d.

7th. — 90. Aching on the ulnar side of the upper phalanx of the middle finer of the left hand, in the morning in bed; followed by severe pain in the corresponding, i. e., posterior phalanx of the fourth toe of the left foot, felt on beginning to walk and on pressure; between six and seven, p.m.

91. Severe stinging pain at the head of the left fibula immediately after drinking ice water; followed by severe pain there on stepping.

92. Discouragement and apprehension, followed by short cough from severe tickling and irritation behind the upper half of the sternum after a siesta; from noon to three, p.m.

93. Severe itching of the lower half of the legs in the evening, followed in the afternoon of the next day by a severely itching eruption on the same parts.

8th. — 94 Waked at six in the morning by an allusion to sleep in some gentle voice; in a few hours had dull pain in the right side of the occiput with constipation.

95. Severe pain at the phalanges of several fingers about midway between the joints, in the evening.

9th. — 96. Pain in several toes at some distance from the joints; then about the hips and small of the back; then in left glutei muscles; then at the connection of the left tendo A chillis with the calf, the last three early in a walk; followed in the evening] by depression and discouragement and dissatisfaction with the world.

11th. — 97. The right hand has itching and abortive pustules on the fingers and at the root of the thumb nail; and the upper part of the left knee aches.

12th. — 98. Great obscurity of vision for half an hour till six, p.m., followed by aching at the left eyebrow, with eruption near the left commissure of the month; nine days after Rhus rad. 6.

13th — 99. A group occurred in this order: The calf of the left leg very painful when first walking down stairs, at seven in the morning; after two and a half hours a sensation of jerking near the inner canthus of the right eye, followed in five minutes by severe aching in the left chest midway between the sternum and the angle of the ribs, soon extending, with less intensity, to the shoulder, arm and fore arm. Great depression, discouragement, sleepiness and desire to lie down, by day, followed in the evening by debility and tardiness of the legs in walking.

13th and 14th. — 100. Right rectus cruris muscle very sensitive on pressure as if bruised.

14th. — 101. Erection in sleep at two, a.m., without amorous dreams, and followed at different times for several hours by mathematical and mechanical calculations.

102. The following group in the morning, commencing about 6:30 and ending about 8:30: Severe pain in the deltoid of the left arm on exerting it; then the same in a less degree felt twice at the insertion of a muscle near the middle of the sternum followed by sensitiveness there on pressure; then aching at the junction of the right temple and forehead. The first part of 93 repeated with similar intensity at ten, p.m.

16th. — 103. Repeated and severe pains at the right scapulary joint, especially at the lower angle of the scapula whenever the shoulder is elevated or depressed, commencing in a less degree when pulling, and preceded by a slighter pain in the left elbow after drinking ice water; between two and three, p.m.

104. In the afternoon had a limping walk noticed also by others; then the following group in order: Pain in left loin above sacro-iliac symphysis; intense shooting pain in a narrow streak from the abdomen to the anus first from a spot below and to the right of the umbilicus then from below and to the left of it, toward evening; then severe pain at the tendon just above the patella at the commencement of a walk before seven p.m., and rheumatic pains in different parts, as in the back of the right wrist and in the right upper arm. This group was in or near a thunder-shower in the afternoon.

18th. — 105. Intense pain in the left hip on bending the trunk to the right,

reproduced several times about five, p.m. Burning in the inner canthus of the right eye, before eight, p.m.

19th. — 106. Brown mucus on the tongue, except the edges, in the morning on rising, afterwards pain in the stomach followed by loose and dark brown stool, the evacuation preceded by pain at the symphysis pubis and attended with strong burning in the anus, and procidentia ani; five to nine, a.m.

107. Between noon and two, p.m., the following group occurred: Pain in the back at noon, then quite strong in the back and loins; then in the left eyeball, then at the dorsal side of the metacarpal bone corresponding to the right ring finger, extending subsequently to the wrist, with lassitude and disposition to stretch; strong pain at the ulnar edge of the left metacarpus soon extending to the wrist and forearm, then transferred to the radial edge of the right forearm and the ulnar edge of the right metacarpus, shortly returning to the ulnar edge of the left metacarpus, more severe than in the right, and then, though less, attacking the left ring finger near the nail; at two o'clock. The above symptoms occurred when the weather was cold; wind, N. E.

108. Generalization of the last and a preceding observation: Sufferings during cold weather and the prevalence of North-easterly winds.

109. At six, p.m., pain in the right shoulder when walking; followed by severe stinging on dorsum of the hand near the smallest metacarpal bone; afterwards large deep-seated and irritable pimples among the most thickly set hairs of the dorsum of the left hand over the metacarpal bone. Pain in the left side midway between the sternum and angle of the ribs, when walking, at seven, p.m.

110. Pressure on the vesica, with sensitiveness of the right external canthus to pressure and to closing the eyelids.

20th. — 111. Accumulation of flatus, with severe pain in the abdomen in the region of the ascending colon; this is increased by gradual pressure and still; more by sudden pressure or percussion, and is often more severe at some distance from the part pressed or struck than at the part itself; before eight, a. m. Pathological inference: Painful distension of the muscular coat of the ascending colon by means of gas: the tension and muscular pain being momentarily increased by sudden pressure or percussion over that or the surrounding parts.

112. The following in succession before eleven, a.m.; Loose dark brown stool with procidentia ani; pain in the right biceps brachii, the arm being at rest, and at the left tuber ischii, after rising from a seat — the last repeated under the same circumstances. Before three, p.m., repeated sneezing with fluent coryza, during the siesta.

21st. — 113. Transient reddish brown coat on the tongue except near the edges, on rising in the morning. At ten, a.m., dark brown stool with procidentia ani, followed by severe pain at the top of the left shoulder, and pain at the left angle of the forehead and in the left temple.

22d. — 114 Incubus with strong pain in occiput after waking at one, a.m., and erection without amorous desire.

115. Strong pain at the tendon just above the patella on walking followed by decided and slightly burning pain in the back with strong burning sensation in the throat and chest in the region of the esophagus about noon.

23d. — 116. Dull pain in the occiput on waking in the morning; shooting at the umbilicus, about 3:30, p.m.

30th. — 117. [Extreme severe stitch about at the third rib about three inches to the left of the sternum on inspiration, rendering an ordinary inspiration impracticable for some minutes; felt on sitting at the close of supper at which the principal drink was ice water; about 6:15, p.m. This and former observations justify the generalizations:

118. Sufferings after drinking cold water. Many sufferings, about six o'clock in the afternoon.

September 1st. As four weeks has elapsed since Rhus Bad. 6 was taken, I shall transcribe only the more severe symptoms, which were Italicised.

3d. — 119. Burning pain in the biceps of both arms, when in bed, more severe in the left.

120. Cutaneous inflammation and feeling of excoriation at the inner side of the left nates.

5th. — 121. Erysipelatous redness, burning and smarting of the left side of the face, followed by lameness of the left hip during the first part of a short walk, pain in the bicipital region of the left arm, and excoriation of the inner side of nates.

6th. — 122. Feces loose and dark greenish-brown, followed by erysipelatous redness of the left side of the face, commencing during evacuation and lasting about an hour.

21st. — 123. Stinging in the outer-anterior part of leg.


Source: The American Homoeopathic Review Vol. 02 No. 07, No. 12, 1860, pages 325-327, pages 563-569
Description: Second Proving of Rhus Radicans.
Remedies: Rhus radicans.
Author: Joslin, B.F.
Year: 1860
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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