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Mrs. W., aged sixty years, of a nervous temperament was taken on the 25th of March last, with a severe chill which was succeeded by a fever. Thinking it was simply a cold, she sent to my office for a prescription when I sent her Aconite, and gave instructions to send for me in the morning if she was no better. She, residing six miles in the country, did not send for me until the 27th, when the following symptoms were present:

Symptoms. – Great pain in the right leg from the knee to the hip, much swollen and quite sensitive to the touch. The cutaneous veins were hard, swollen, knotty and painful. The skin erysipelatous; pulse 120, small and wiry; much thirst; no appetite; bowels costive; urine red and scanty; and feeling much debilitated. I prescribed Aconite1 and Bellad.1, to be taken alternately every three hours.

March 28th. On visiting my patient I found her no better. The same symptoms were present as yesterday, with an increase of the erysipelatous inflammation. The redness of the skin and the varicose appearance of the veins had extended to the abdomen. I now gave Belladonna1 and Pulsatilla1, alternating every three hours.

March 29th. The symptoms as yesterday. Veins of the abdomen hard like cords; skin red and swollen; urine suppressed; great debility; pulse 120; pain increased by being moved and in the kidneys. Gave Hamamelis virginiana1, five drops in a goblet half full of water, a tablespoonful every three hours.

March 30th. Had passed a more comfortable night. Pulse 100; urine still suppressed; the abdomen very hard and red (bright red); pain less severe and the veins not as distinctly felt Continued Hamamelis1. It being very difficult for me to call the next day, I gave instructions to send me word if no better.

April 1st. Found my patient sitting up. The abdomen softer; the veins losing their whipcord feeling; no pain except on pressure; urine returned, yet scanty; thirst less; appetite still absent; pulse 95. Same treatment.

April 6th to 2d. The improvement under the use of Hamamelis continued, and on visiting my patient on the 22d I discontinued its use and dismissed my patient cured.

Here let me remark that from the time that Hamamelis was first given an improvement began, which did not flag until complete restoration The pathogenesis of Hamamelis being so very meagre, it was with much hesitation that I prescribed it, but after studying my case very closely I could find no remedy that seemed more plainly indicated. I gave it and had the satisfaction of witnessing its action in this rare disease with a splendid result


Source: The American Homoeopathic Review Vol. 04 No. 10, 1864, pages 452-453
Description: a Case of Phlebitis.
Remedies: Hamamelis virginiana
Author: Robinson, H.
Year: 1864
Editing: errors only; interlinks; formatting
Attribution: Legatum Homeopathicum
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