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Additions to the Repertory (source files)

This is a page for software developers. If you wish to download the actual software using these additions, please proceed here.

About the additions

André Saine and his collaborators have been making additions to the Complete Repertory 4.5 since 1997, adding rubrics and remedies from old materia medicae (mostly Materia Medica Pura Project) and from their clinical experience. These additions were freely available, unfortunately, only for users of one specific homeopathic software.

We thought it would be great if EVERYONE could benefit from these additions (since they are supposed to be free), so we bugged André until he gave us all the files of his additions, just to get rid of us. Thanks for your patience, André :-)

It took some doing to get the data from the files organized into some more enlightened format, but you can download them below either as an SQL dump to be imported to the database of your choice or as a ready-to-use database – either in SQLite or Microsoft Access formats.


The ZIP archive contains the following files:

File Description
repadds_release20131119.db3 SQLite database of the repertory additions
repadds_release20131119.mdb Microsoft Access database of the repertory additions
def_tables.sql Database tables SQL definitions
data_complete_dump_20131119.sql Complete SQL data import of the tables, without table definitions
data_instructlist_20131119.sql SQL import of InstructList table
data_refsource_20131119.sql SQL import of RefSource table
data_remedyconversion_20131119.sql SQL import of RemedyConversion table
data_repadditions_20131119.sql SQL import of RepAdditions table

How to use

You can use these additions to upgrade your repertories. These additions were added to Complete Repertory 4.5, but basically you can use them to update any Kent-based repertory you have (with some tweaking of the rubrics).

The structure of the database tables should be self-explanatory, but here is some basic info anyway:

Table Description
RemedyConversion Contains unique Remedy IDs used in the RepAdditions table, unique remedy names and original remedy abreviations used in the additions
RefSource Contains references of the additions in the RepAdditions table
InstructList List of instructions used to add / edit the additions
RepAdditions The actual additions to the repertory

Repertory additions should be applied from the RepAdditions table, in the order they are inserted (sorted by RID). The instructions (R_Instruction column) you should be interested in are:

  • Add – for adding a new rubric; the new rubric name is stored in RubricEdited column, column Rubric contains the rubric which PRECEDES the new rubric (useful only if you wish to maintain a specific, non-alphabetic rubric sequence)
  • Edit – edit the Rubric to RubricEdited
  • Remove – remove the Rubric
  • Change – add, update or remove the remedy from the rubric; if RemoveFlag=1 you remove the remedy, otherwise you add remedy / update grade


This database is licensed under CC Attribution 3.0 Unported, so it's a Free Culture License. For attribution, please use “André Saine team” and “Legatum Homeopathicum”.

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