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Legatum Homeopathicum is a huge effort and we really need your help to make it happen. You can contribute with your work, donate money, link to this web site or at least wish us well.

To stay in contact, you can subscribe to our mailing list, follow us on Twitter or use other contact options available.

Contribute (with) your work

If you can read this web site, it is very likely you can substantially contribute to the advancement of Legatum Homeopathicum effort. Discovered an obvious typo1) or some other sort of grammatical mishap while reading our web site? Go right on and correct it! We would especially welcome if you directed your attention to the resources section. Before you attempt any modifications, you are encouraged to have a look at the formatting syntax manual.

If you are prepared to devote more time to the cause of homeopathy, you can get involved in the projects we are planning or currently working on. Please have a special look at the “Get Involved” section of each project to see what skills are needed.

If you participate in homeopathy discussion forums, you can mention Legatum Homeopathicum effort there – either as a web site or a specific article that caught your attention. Also, if you have your own web site, linking to our web is a great way to improve awareness about this project, attract more attention to homeopathy etc. Read this page to discover the details, grab banners etc.

Financial aid is very important because it allows us to pay experts to work on projects that require tens of thousands of hours of work. If you care about development of homeopathy, one-off or regular donation of any amount is a great way to contribute.
You can donate online using PayPal or major credit cards or by direct bank transfer.

If you know potential sponsors, grants, charities or other potential funding sources for Legatum Homeopathicum projects, please make a contact. If you wish to make a donation for the purposes of specific project, please use the donation link on that particular project page.

PayPal donations

For direct bank transfer, please use the following banking information:

Name on the Bank Account: LEGATUM HOMEOPATHICUM
Foundation address: Hrušková 28/A, 836 01 Bratislava, Slovakia
Bank Name: FIO BANKA, A.S.
Bank Address: Nám. SNP 21, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia
Bank Account number: 2900308392
IBAN: SK94 8330 0000 0029 0030 8392

1) spelling in older texts may be slightly different for some words, please do not correct those
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