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Legatum Homeopathicum projects

The following projects are currently being developed. Feel free to join and help.

  1. Project HomeoPublish – making homeopathic texts freely available in an appropriate format (such as HTML, XML, SQL export), preferably, suitably structured to maximize practical applicability (e.g. with a clear separation of sentences and paragraphs, a clear attribution to the table of remedies etc.)
  2. Project Remedies – a database of homeopathic medicines providing a traditional homeopathic name, scientific name, common names and synonyms and other related data (e.g. inclusion of different classes, breakdown by various attributes, etc.).

The following projects are currently in the planning stage.

  1. Project OBJREP – construction of a new, unique and unparalleled type of repertory – an object repertory, which allows much more accurate and reliable repertorisation (due to accurate connection to the contents of materia medica), which in its final form represents a de facto tool that removes the differences between traditional repertories and materia medica.
  2. Creation of an (online) expert system for lay and professional public, aimed at finding a suitable homeopathic medicine for an acute case.
  3. Creation of (online) structured questionnaires for efficient case taking (needed for implementation of the project 2).
  4. Publishing practical guides for the use of homeopathic medicines for general public.

Get involved

There is a lot of work to do! If you have time and skills, feel free to join the effort (see the list of areas below). You can work on your own or join the teams for a more coordinated process.

The list below is not exhaustive, so if you have other ideas how you can contribute, don't hesitate and let us know!

Wiki gardening and Proofreading

The wiki gardening process mainly involves correcting typos and stylistic errors, creating new interlinks, improving formatting, incorporating suggestions from the discussions under articles, deleting discussion entries that are no longer valid and adding illustration graphics where appropriate (icons, author photos, original manuscript scans etc.). Anyone can join, but please read the formatting syntax manual before proceeding. We also need proofreaders for Project Homeopublish.


If you have an excellent command of English, you can start translating articles to your target language (especially those in Resources section). Make sure to read the translation guidelines before proceeding.


We need programmers for developing online applications and programming DokuWiki plugins for Legatum Homeopathicum. If you have good command of PHP, AJAX, Actionscript, Javascript or other programming languages suitable for online deployment, some rudimentary SQL skills and care to join, please send us your application.

Project management

We need team leaders who will manage, supervise and organize work within their respective teams (such as for project HomeoPublish, communications and marketing etc.). Interested? Apply here.

Section leaders

We need section leaders to overview, manage, organize and update special sections of this web site. For example, we wish to have sections on scientific papers on homeopathy, homeopathic books/magazines past and modern, reviews/summaries of the books, biographies/profiles/work of famous homeopaths etc. If you would like to maintain such section or have some other idea of a new section that could enhance this web site, please fill the application form.

You can start such section right now and on your own, but we would appreciate if you let us know, so we could coordinate the efforts of various contributors / groups.

Content creation / management

We need content writers / contributors on any homeopathic topic – cases, provings, articles etc. (classical homeopathy only). If you are willing to share your work, please contact us or fill the application form.

Communication and marketing

Spread the word and help building Legatum Homeopathicum community, promote our activities and invite other people to join the effort. Write blogs, discuss us in homeopathic forums, link to us. Want to get serious? Join the Communication team.

Sponsoring and fundraising

TANSTAAFL – while we wish to provide free homeopathic tools and content, someone always has to pay for their creation – it is either time or money. If you like what we do and support our projects, please consider a financial donation to our cause. If you know people or organizations that would be willing to support us, or can organize a fundraiser in support of our effort, please make a contact.

Mentoring and consultation

Do you have ideas or suggestions that would make things better for homeopathy? Do you see new horizons and paths untrodden we could take? Make sure to let us know your thoughts!


dr.m.moosa ahmed PhD am, 2013/03/18 05:14

dear sir with huge respect i am dr. m.moosa ahmed doctor of philosophy in alternative medicine,i have been working as the director SWASTHOY BISHOYOK organisation about alternative and homoeopathy divison with huge experience in mdical field.i want to work with your legatum homoeopathicum project as the project management team leader if you want. therefor please give me a opportunity to work with legatum homoeopathy as the project director and management.

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